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reinforcement details for storm water flush inlet and catch basin autocad

Stormwater infrastructure exists to manage excess water during rainfall events. Excessive storm-water can lead to flooding and potential public safety risk and property damage. Development and building projects require a properly designed drainage system to effectively move stormwater to a public stormwater sewer or body of water. A stormwater sewer is a complex system made up of many unique components for catchment, conveyance, detention, and quality treatment. Curb inlets are an important part of a properly designed stormwater management system--they allow water to flow directly from paved surfaces to a storm sewer. 


  • Strong and durable precast construction
  • Consists of top, riser, and bottom stages
  • Optional knock-outs, block-outs, frames, covers and grates
  • In stock and easy to install
  • City & State approved model
  • Multiple designs available

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