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28 September 2014

post for cad designer guest Post

Post for CAD Designer
We like to share and give back to our community. That’s why I started a CAD designer blog at the first place. multiple of AutoCAD users join the forum, mailing list and also have blogs. I always get great solutions from AutoCAD gurus on a forum like Autodesk forums.
Some of you tried to post for a magazine, write a book, etc. You may have different ways to do it. We just want to share it with the world.
So if you are interested, you can contribute on CAD Designer. It will help the community.
Quality Guidelines
We want to give our readers the good articles to read. So we set quality guidelines for you who want to submit your articles.
Topics allowed
The topic should cover productivity and  for Autocad,Design software,Ms office,blogger, software. We don’t limit the software.
Re posting Policy
All articles you submit must never be published before. And you are not allowed to publish it on other media, including your blog. This policy is because if you publish it elsewhere, many will consider this as publishing duplicate contents. And this would harm the integrity of this site and your own site.
Article format
The article must be at least 305 words long.
Do not write in long sentences and paragraphs. Try to make shorter sentences and paragraphs.
Use subheading formatting to make readers easily to read your article. You can use Heading 2 <H2> and Heading 3 <H3>, and even H4 if necessary.
Using hyperlinks
You may links to other website pages as long as they can be used as a reference for readers. It’s advised that they are not more than 2 link per 305 words. If you want to link to your own or company website, you can place it in your author profile. Read the appreciation below.
Use images
Add images so readers can easily understand your article.
File format
We accept common post format like Microsoft Word Doc/Docx format.
You can also send it in HTML format 
 And please also send the screenshot or other images as a separate attachment. The images embedded in Word documents often have very low quality.
Editorial policy
Please don’t be offended if we suggest some changes to your article.
As our appreciation to your contribution, you will be mentioned below your post. With your short profile. If you have a website or blog (or facebook page, twitter, etc) we can provide links to your site in your profile.
Send your outline first
We don’t have strict rules for publishing a post. But we have to keep our standard and make sure it would be useful.
If you are interested, you can send your post outline to I will get back to you as soon as I can, but it may take a 2 days to review it.
Thank you for submission!

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