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Cannot select multiple objects in AutoCAD

In AutoCAD By default allows you to select multiple objects. Some time while selecting objects the first selection or previously selected objects are removed from the selection set, the users are very much annoyed by this behavior.
The solution is "PICKADD" system variable.
Type, "PICKADD" at the AutoCAD command prompt.

Check the default value, if it is "0"; change it to either "1" or "2"
  • 0 - This means that only your last selection is valid. In other words, if you select an entity, then select another entity, the first one becomes unselected.
  • 1 - This is what most people use. This allows you to continue to add entities to a selection set.
  • 2 - Works just like 1, except that when using the ._Select command, the entities remain selected when the command is over. Previously when you used the ._Select command then executed a command, you had to use _P to refer to the previous selection set. Now you can use the ._Select command, create a selection and then launch the desired command with the selected objects pre-selected.

Many users would like to know what would have gone wrong while working. The possible by accidentally is clicking the "+" icon on the properties palette as shown in figure 1.