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find out handle number in autocad drawing

What is handle id in cad file

It's an id for every record in the drawing database, handles are unique id  within a drawing  and create automatically by AutoCAD itself to all objects, every object has one handle, e.g. texts, layer, line , some objects have multiple handles such as a block with attributes, you can use the  list  command line in the drawing or  select object you want to find handle id  then hit F2 key

A- Find out handle id  by cad lisp

B- find handle id by command line

A few months ago I received comments from the consultant concerning  to   the as-built drawings related to G.I.S  and AutoCad drawings  one of  those comment  to remove one point with specified handle number (handle ID ) from AutoCad drawing which is containing  more than 1,500 points and polyline which each object having unique handle id,  it took  a lot of time to find out the point which have requested handle number (handle id), after that I  found  this lisp to find out any object by handle number  (handle id) from Autocad in less than a second .for more information about to find out object  by handle number  see below video.
download this lisp click here to find object by  handle id easily

How it will work 

  1. Upload the lisp
  2. Type in command line zomh
  3. Hit enter key to zoom to the object

find handle id by command line

To select an entity based on its handle id
1. On the command line type    _SELECT   then hit enter key
2. Type (HANDENT “XXX”)  change the XXX with handle number you want to get then hit enter key
To zoom to an entity based on its handle id
1. On the command line type    _ZOOM then select the object option

2. When prompted to Select Objects, type  (HANDENT “XXX”) change the XXX with handle id you want to zoom  then hit enter key.

find handle nos autocad

How to get layer handle id for all layers from autocad excel or CV File?


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