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convert coordinate from logitude latitude to northing and easting

Northing and Easting are typically used in local coordinate systems.Northing and Easting are referenced to an arbitrary origin. 
Longitude and Latitude are used for geographic coordinates. Latitude is referenced to north and south of the equator. Longitude is referenced to east and of the Prime (aka Greenwich) Meridian.
Note :- users can change or convert multiple points UTM zone to another UTM zone also by this program
how to convert coordinate system
  1.  First save you coordinate system (northing  & easting) or ( longitude &  latitude) in csv file under excel  format .
  2. Open CoordTrans v2.3- Franson  program  you can download from below link.
  3. Adjust the program as you requirement  ( convert from  to )
  4. Go to file which you save the excel sheet (csv  format ).
  5. By this program also you can convert from Nahrwan to WGS

logitude latitude to northing and easting

change  UTM zone
change UTM zone to another UTM zone


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