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converts selected points to circle and circle to points

convert point to circle
change point to circle


User has a drawing containing multiple point or circle objects and he would like to convert these to another entity type like a circle or point.
To change points or circles manually, imagine you have 1000 circles you want to change these circles to points it is very hard work and it will take time.
The following Lisp code will locate any point object in the drawing and draw a circle at its location where the center of the circle coincides with the point location.

The following  instructions to change many points to circles or circles to points :

1-Upload lisp (see how to upload the lisp in cad file).
2-Type C2P to convert from multiple circle to multiple point or P2C to convert from points to circles.
3-Hit Enter Key.
4- Select objects (which will be circles or points) if it is from point to circles will ask circle radius.
5- Hit Enter Key.
     To download more free lisp for autocad drawing .

    how to convert points to circle autocad drawing



      Easy to convert Circles to Points with this AutoLISP

    2. drawing containing various point or circle items Need Someone To Write My Essay and he might want to change over these to another substance type like a circle or point.