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Marking Level on the plan autocad

This program allows the user to write level from downstream on the plan by selecting tow existing level this useful for checking and review the level specially if you have many services on the drawings.

Follow instruction below:-

1-Upload lisp (see how to upload the lisp in cad file) ..
2-Type LM in command line level & enter
3-Select first text (level).
4-Select second text (level).
5-Get first point.
6-Get second point.
7-Then select you point to write level on the plan.


  1. if this useful for you please put your comment and share this subject

  2. hi sir i do as told but cannot get the result. its showed me bad argument type

    1. your level should be single text not multiple texts

  3. This is one the amazing files. I have also written some code on almost same basis but it calculates the values from profile view. have a look here.

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