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Surveyors data autocad attribute tags from excel

This program allow to users automatically transfer data from excel to and placed them in to attribute tags which design by user  in autocad drawing in original location as coordinate data. 

Follow instruction below:-

1-Copy file number one to autocad directory.
2-Open new autocad file.
3- Upload the lisp. see how to upload.
4-Type in command line SURVEYOR.
5- Click enter.
6- Browse the excel file which include SURVEYOR data.
7- Browse the autocad file which include attribute tags.
8- Tick mark ignore the first row in excel.
9-Match the excel columns with correct attribute tags.
10-Click draw polyline if you want then press okay.


  1. I have got many important issues about surveyors data. I hope it will be very helpful for me. I already download this file. Thanks for sharing this file. I will use it and hope that it will work for me.