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Calculate the areas in an easy and very fast autocad lisp

This program (autocad lisp) allowed to users to get the data of areas from selected objects and place data in an autocad Table or write it to file as well as mark them on the drawings very easy and fast. For more details see the video below and download .

The following instruction :-

1- Upload lisp (see how to upload the lisp in cad file).
2-Type in command line AT.
3-Press enter.
4-Type saril no.
5-Press enter.
4- Select place of table.
5-Select the area you to get the area.
6- Then Press enter.

click here to download

how to calculate areas
how to calculate areas in autocad


  1. Thank you. This helps a lot! I have a question though, how do you change the unit of area from inches to feet?

    Thank you again!

  2. Can any body help me how to change text and table hight in AREA lisp...???

  3. It is not working for me in Autocad 2014 for mac.

    I loaded the Alisp prg to my cad and when I entered AT in command line and pressed enter nothing is happening.

  4. Hi Dear friend today i m trying ur lisp (AT).That is very good With pick Area But with object Not Worked