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Export transfer data from excel to autocad easy and perfect

This program allows to cad users quickly transfer, export required data from excel sheet to cad drawings as well as the desired format of texts.

Feature of the export or transfer program:-
  • Transfer, export easting, northing, property names and level to cad drawings.
  • Control the size and rotations of texts transfer, export from excel sheet.
  • connect all points with polyline or line.

The following instruction for export or transfer excel to AutoCad:-

1-Open excel sheet from excel to cad.
2-Fill all data required in table number (2).
3-Fill data required in table number (3).
4-Go to table number (1) copy data.
5-Go to autocad file and paste in command line.

The latest issue of this program.

transfer from cad to excel
data from excel to Autocad


  1. Hi!

    Thank you for this solution.

    Can you make a larger file? I need to be able to export about 1 000 000 points from Excel to Autocad.