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12 September 2017

Text Calculator autocad lisp

Prompted to select text containing numerical data then either choose an arithmetical operation or place the result of the current calculation in the form of an  MText , Text & Dimensions object in the cad drawing. 
Upload lisp  (see how to upload the lisp in cad file seee more lisp) flow the following  instructions

1- Type TC or Text calc in command line
2- Hit Enter Key
3- Select Text Containing Numerical Data
4- Select  Second Text Containing Numerical Data (you can select more than 2)
5- Specify Point for Result

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autocad lsip

Author: Lee Mac, Copyright © 2011 - 


  1. if there is comma (not dot, point), it doesnt work. Is there any solution? Thanks.

    1. yes you can use find command then replace all comma to dot at one time then use the lisp
      thank you